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Food Changed Forever


Many companies interested in offering novel plant-based foods have found lupin a powerful protein source to develop their products. Recent innovations include alternative dairy and meat, sweets, beverages, and chocolates. We are keen to help you navigate the plant-based world and create the next generation of plant-based foods.

Wide Open Ingredients is passionate about bringing consumers more high quality protein enriched foods and beverages. Our pulse-proteins are ideal for a range of food applications to create functional products offering maximum consumer health benefits. This is especially true for those consumers moving away from wheat and soy.

Lupins have the highest protein content of all legumes.

We have developed a range of prototype formulations to help fast-track your R&D program. For example our initial work on vegan cheese has resulted in a clean label cheese analogue that slices, grates, melts and has 10% protein, overcoming many of the nutritional concerns with most vegans cheeses currently on the market. Lupin protein fortified sourdough has a pleasant acidic flavour, fine slicing characteristics and an extra chewy crumb. Lupin protein has proven to work beautifully as an addition to a plant-based milk, ensuring protein levels are optimised, enhancing texture without compromising flavour.

Our technical teams in both Germany and Australia are happy to help you get your plant-based products to market faster.

  • Cheese analogues
  • Plant-based yoghurts and ice cream
  • Powdered and RTD Beverages, including sports nutrition
  • Bakery products
  • Plant-based meats
  • Sauces and mayonnaise
  • Health food products such as bars and balls
  • Confectionery