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Product Details

Product Range

BP80F: lupin protein isolate, min 80% protein, functionalised, spray dried
LP90: lupin protein isolate, 90% protein, de-oiled, spray dried
LP20 (Europe only): lupin protein isolate, 20% protein, de-oiled, liquid
LFLW: lupin flakes, white, de-oiled


LKF: lupin kernel fibre


    Our BP80F has an 80% protein content and highly enhanced functionality to create an extremely versatile lupin-based plant protein. Its enhanced gelation, superior solubility and neutral flavour make it a great ingredient for a broad range of food and beverage applications. WOA has the exclusive global patent for this technology, working with regeneratively grown lupin farmers for the best outcome for people and planet.


    This 90% protein isolate is made from sustainable, regionally sourced sweet blue lupin. It is a free-flowing spray dried powder, with a neutral taste and excellent solubility and foaming capabilities. It’s low viscosity and no heat gelation makes it ideal for beverage applications. Also available as a fresh, wet product with 20% protein for adding into a wide range of products.

    Lupin Kernal Fibre

    Lupin kernel fibres can change textural, rheological, and sensorial characteristics of foods related to their physicochemical properties. The largely insoluble lupin kernel fibre exhibits excellent techno-functional properties in terms of water and oil binding capacities, solubility indices, emulsion stabilities, and viscosity, which enable its use in different food formulations. Low in fat, digestible carbohydrate and sodium, its neutral colour and clean taste make it easy to support digestive health.