• Today’s consumers want food that is healthy, fresh, and affordable. They seek meaningful food and care about where and how their food is grown.
  • New and existing Australian families are actively seeking new opportunities to live, work and thrive in the Wheatbelt.
  • Shops and restaurants want abundant, diverse, and local supply. Food with story, sells.
  • Farmers are looking for new inspiration. They want lower risk, and more consistent productivity, which doesn’t impact the future security of their local communities, or surrounding ecosystems.

Meaningful food = positive impact on the health + well being of the consumer + producer + the community + environment where it is grown.

Transform the Wheatbelt into the Foodbelt

Join us in growing a stronger, more vibrant, and inspired Wheatbelt community, through the regeneration and diversification of farming methods and produce.

Our aim is to empower Wheatbelt farmers to transition towards regenerative farming practises, which can deliver both the selection and variety, that local and export markets are demanding.

We believe this transition will produce meaningful food that inspires communities and regenerates ecosystems.

Food production can act as a catalyst of meaning for communities. Meaningful food is created when the consumer and producer are equally proud of the food.

Return of financial capital, natural capital, social capital and inspiration

Wide Open Agriculture is in partnership with Commonland, a globally focussed landscape restoration organisation, aims to rehabilitate degraded landscapes and rejuvenate communities, through a replicable approach with 4 returns.

A sustainable agriculture model promises 4 returns to the Wheatbelt

Icon of a frog and a leaf to represent nature

Natural Capital

Protecting and extending biodiversity, improving soil health and restoring waterways.

icon of a calendar and money to represent finance

Financial Capital

No more bad years.

icon of 2 people having a conversation to represent social

Social Capital

New jobs and a thriving vibrant community.

Icon of a love heart made out of wheat


Return of hope - a fresh approach, replicable across the Wheatbelt.

Water-secure, greenhouse technology is a proven practice for low-risk, improved productivity.

Water-secure, ‘spray-free’ greenhouse operations produce clean and green, local vegetables and fruits for local and export markets.

A scoping study of diverse activities in the Wheatbelt, showed that intensive horticulture offers rapid financial returns, maximises use of natural resources and can build community around it.

Photo overlooking the greenhouses being used in the Foodbelt project

Close up photo of a cucumber grown in the Foodbelt

Impact investors are seeking opportunities to support the replicable and sustainable regeneration of communities and ecosystems, with consistent and strong returns.

Wide Open Agriculture draws on the Commonland model to create 3 Zones over a 20 year timeframe, which takes a holistic planning and integration approach to restoration:
  • Economic Zone

    Strong financial returns, regenerative agricultural practices, and job creation.
  • Combined Zone

    Restoring and maintaining biodiversity, landscapes and infrastructure.
  • Natural Zone

    Protection and expansion of natural vegetation and fauna habitats to improve biodiversity.

Inspiring opportunities for consumers, producers and investors

Read more about the partners of Wide Open Agriculture.

The Wide Open Agriculture initiative is finding new and holistic ways to align the interests of food buyers, farmers and investors, who want to see meaningful change.

icon of a shopping basket to represent food buyers

Meaningful food is food with story.

A story of meaningful and sustainable change.

icon of a plant growing to represent farmers

Transition opportunity for existing Wheatbelt farmers.

An inviting proposition to attract new residents to the area.

icon of a hand shake to represent investors

Efficient processes meeting growing demands.

An impact investment opportunity delivering outstanding returns.

The Foodbelt model is set to meet the growing demand for fresh, diverse and abundant produce.