WOI - The Beginning

The Beginning

Lupins Reimagined.

Lupins have been eaten since the time of the pharaohs, who recognised the value of this nutritious and versatile crop. At Wide Open Ingredients we have revolutionised the lupin as a food source. Combining the benefits of regenerative agriculture with our globally patented technology, we have created a nutritious, sustainable plant-based protein that is highly functional and extremely versatile.

From Wide Open Ingredients. This is Lupin. Reimagined.

Let's begin at the beginning.

Wide Open Ingredients is a division of Wide Open Agriculture, an Australian company that was founded to be a different type of company, based on the 4 Returns Framework which we adopted from our Founding Partner, Commonland Foundation, a European thought leader on Impact and the Environment.

We recognised the contribution that the agricultural sector is making to climate change, as well as the opportunity of agriculture to make positive, dynamic change for the better.

Regenerative Agriculture is a combination of farming principles and practices that work with, rather than against, natural systems. These practices increase biodiversity, enrich soils, restore the water cycle, and enhance ecosystem services. Regenerative Agriculture helps reverse climate change by drawing carbon back down into the soil, increases resilience to climate instability, and brings inspiration to farming communities.


Lupins play an important role in a Regenerative Agricultural system since they are an ideal ‘break’ crop, fixing nitrogen into the ground creating healthy, nourished soils. Growing lupins has been scientifically proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50% in a two-year rotation of wheat and lupins.

Lupins are a staple crop in Australia, with over 80% of the world’s lupins grown in the region.

The 4 Returns.

Natural Return: Restoring biodiversity for healthy and resilient landscapes: reviving NATURE.

Return of inspiration: Planting seeds of hope for a better future and giving PEOPLE a sense of purpose.

Social return: Bringing back jobs, education and social connections: the building blocks of thriving COMMUNITIES.

Financial return: Creating long-term, sustainable income for communities: new BUSINESS models tailored to each landscape.