Achievements To Date

  • Secured cornerstone investor
  • Identified employees seeking regional community building opportunities
  • Gained a network of partnership and support from world-leading experts
  • Established relationships with local farmers and local government
  • Identified buyers for our produce

We have secured cornerstone partnership and funding from international landscape restoration organisation, Commonland

Commonland, a globally focussed landscape restoration organization, aims to rehabilitate degraded landscapes and rejuvenate communities, through a replicable approach with 4 returns.

Commonland contributes to the Bonn Challenge, a global effort to restore 150 million hectares of the world’s degraded and deforested lands by 2020.

Alongside Commonland, we have successfully attracted a group of other expert investors.

These ‘like-minded’ investors with backgrounds in the financial, water resources, ecological, farming and government sectors.

All our investors have demonstrated their commitment to transform the Wheatbelt into the Foodbelt.

Diagram flow chart showing the process of landscape restoration projects and ventures

We identified employees seeking regional community building, WA

We are committed to offering new and existing Australian families with exciting, incentivised, long-term employment in the Wheatbelt.

We will employ only the best. People with a passion for agriculture and the Wheatbelt.

We have developed strong relationships with migrant/refugee families that have demonstrated experience in agriculture, hydrology and management.

We have built a strong network with refugee/migrant support groups in the Wheatbelt, in Perth and across Australia.

Photo of Ben Cole speaking at a Wide Open Agriculture presentation

We have gained a network of partnership and support from world-leading experts and professionals.

We are working in partnership with a Dutch-based, sustainable greenhouse company to plan, design and commission our facilities.

The greenhouse company is a global leader in sustainable water and energy management and is committed to our efforts to transform the Wheatbelt into the Foodbelt.

Our water resource consultant has an excellent record of designing software and engineering solutions for State and local government to maximise their capture and storage of rainfall in the Wheatbelt.

We have gained support from a wide range of experts and professionals based in West Australia and globally. Their expertise ranges from agricultural training, human resources, construction, impact investment, ecology, water management, law and finance. Our experts are all committed to our vision to transform the Wheatbelt into the Foodbelt.

We have established relationships with local farmers and local government.

We have excellent working relationships with proven, innovative farmers, working in the Wheatbelt.

We have strong and developing relationships with grower groups and local government across the Wheatbelt.

Our relationship with Dalwallinu Shire is strong and continuing to grow. We were attracted to Dalwallinu Shire through their Regional Repopulation Pilot Project. This project has increased Dalwallinu Shire’s population by 15% over 4 years.

We have received very positive responses from State and local government representatives about our vision to transform the Wheatbelt into the Foodbelt.

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